Greentree Country Club wedding photos | Jessica + Greg

We often get to photograph awesome weddings and we are excited to share Jessica + Greg’s fall wedding at Greentree Country Club in Long Island.  With a beautiful water view and a lovely outdoor ceremony on a warm sunny day, it was the perfect setting for celebrating their special day.  The reception was as fun and energetic as Jessica + Greg, with Greg climbing atop a pyramid of guests and then crowd surfing amongst the guests.  These are some of the unforgettable moments that we had the pleasure of capturing.
Being a big fan of baseball myself, it was also great seeing how Jessica + Greg creatively planned their wedding with a baseball theme.  We loved the Cracker Jack wedding favors and table numbers representing some of our finest baseball players in New York history.  Thank you both for having us, enjoy your honeymoon and some of the photos below from your wedding day!

Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-00 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-01 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-01a Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-02 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-03 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-04 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-05 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-06 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-07 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-08 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-09 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-10 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-11 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-12 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-13 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-14 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-15 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-16 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-18 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-19 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-20 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-21 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-22 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-23 Greentree-country-club-wedding-photos-24

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