If you’re interested in hosting a memorable and elegant wedding, then look no further than the Crest Hollow Country Club. Located in Woodbury, New York, this 700 person capacity venue has it all. You can select your ceremony location from several different breath taking gardens, and then host the reception on the South Beach style pool deck. The facility also hosts a massive Grand Ballroom, which offers vast dancing space and elegant lounging for all.


The Crest Hollow Country Club is not just about providing world class wedding settings, it’s also nationally acclaimed for it’s service and cuisine. World famous chefs will create the perfect customized dinner for you and your guests, all served by white glove adorned servers. The venue’s professional staff will also assist you in meticulously planning out every detail of your ceremony and reception, making sure that your experience is something so wonderful that you and your guests will never forget it.



Crest hollow country club wedding photo

The best place to host your wedding on Long Island has always been this stunning country club that has perfected the craft of putting on a romantic and spectacular event. In turn, the great thing about Crest Hollow Country Club Wedding Photography is the extraordinary number of great photos that can be taken around the club’s massive swimming pool and in-door and outdoor facilities. Also, the wedding party can fully enjoy their special day at this beautiful 24-acre spread in the Woodbury area of Long Island that has hosted thousands of wedding ceremony events.

Crest hollow country club wedding

Crest Hollow wedding photos often feature both intimate and great family gathering images because the venue’s South Beach inspired locale really lends itself to big celebrations. For instance, the club’s outdoor pool deck area can accommodate hundreds of guests who can dance in lush surroundings that resemble a Hollywood movie set. In turn, Crest Hollow is a true delight, say brides and grooms when commenting online about how their special day was truly perfect because of this sophisticated yet fun locale that is perfect for any size wedding.



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