For those of you not particularly familiar with New York City, Central park is a large sprawling natural landscape that rests in the very center of Manhattan. The park hosts thousands of wedding photography sessions every year, with each season adding a new range of beautiful picturesque backdrops. From antique style park benches to tall weeping willows, the park is an absolutely picture perfect location for any post-ceremony photo shoot. There are countless NYC based photographers with many hours of experience in taking wedding photos in the park. These local professionals can guide you to the areas of the park that provide the most stunning and ideal scenic backdrops, whether they be urban or natural themed.


Central Park Wedding Photos

Imagine taking your wedding photos in the heart of the country’s greatest city. Central Park provides a natural backdrop filled with vibrant flora and dazzling personalities. Central Park wedding photos allow the two of you to exude your unique personality as a couple and to take pictures in a setting that has meaning to you both.


Taking your wedding pictures at Central Park is a smart idea if you’re celebrating your marriage in the city. Whether the ceremony or the reception are hosted in some of Manhattan’s most romantic venues, making a stop at this lavish park is worth your while. Plenty of space exists for humorous photos with your entire bridal party, and you and your partner can sneak off for some romantic shots before the sun sets.

Central Park Wedding

When you choose to have Central Park photos, you need not worry about supplying props or how the scenery in the background will look. The natural landscape is more than enough to add splashes of color and life to your photos whether you were married in a small chapel a few blocks away or you had an outdoor wedding with scores of guests at Central Park itself.


Some couples avoid photos in such a location because they are worried about transportation. Fortunately, Central Park is easily accessible through a variety of different channels, so your whole party can be together to take pictures that will capture the beauty and the essence of the day.



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