Momobooth video from William Chang on Vimeo.



Our stylish and sleek Luxury Photo Booth rentals can fit up to 10 guests while still looking great! We have taken the best of modern technology, including:

  • Canon DSLR Camera
  • High Definition External Screen
  • Huge 21″ Internal Color Touch Screen
  • Studio quality ring flash lighting (makes you look fabulous!)
  • Industries fastest printers (prints within 8 seconds)

We have also included some amazing features that allow guests to:

  • Send pictures just taken in the booth to email or a Facebook wall
  • Request additional copies of the photos
  • Print double photo strips for a scrapbook
  • Use fun photo booth props

This is not a camera in a box photo booth setup, no laptop hanging about for an attendant to fiddle with—it all JUST WORKS, and it works beautifully. The photo quality is unmatched and the design is amazing, and the compliments from your guests? Well, you’ll see.

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