Nothing says welcome like a charming wedding venue. Greentree Country Club features unique ballrooms that are strongly architectural creating an appealing sense of satisfaction and echo the features of elements outside – the breathtaking water views, elegant gardens and much else. Built by renowned architect Standford White, the majestic mansion in Long Island is a practical way of gaining space and creating a tranquil atmosphere for a memorable wedding event. This facility is the best choice to accommodate wedding guests and everyone involved comfortably. With much thought and attention to details, service at this Country Club is flawless offering once-in-a-lifetime experience. You might want to choose accents for the wedding that allows the personality of the bride and groom to shine through to give the event a unique look. Or you might want to take cues from the outdoor and incorporate their interests into the indoor through ornaments. Borrowing from several past events, you might segment these specious rooms into several venues for various activities during the wedding. The possibilities are almost limitless. The on-site catering and cuisine follow every possible rules to maintain the standards and uniqueness of the event. The staff here will work with the event coordinator to plan the event meticulously and meld it seamlessly with other elements to come up with a beautiful ceremony.



Greentree Country Club Wedding Photos

Decorate your album with things that bring back memories, that are too perfect to pass up. Greentree Country Club Wedding Photography lets you soften the borders of your room walls with photos that are special, that showcase the exciting moments of your special day. The goal here is to add a subtle charm to the elegant venue where wedding events are held. This club is all about being attractive and welcoming, and has the added benefit of giving the wedding bride, groom and guests a pleasant experience they deserve.

Greentree Country Club Photo

Greentree Country Club photo – where exciting and fun moments of bride, groom and guests are captured around the indoor and outdoor facility of this club. This service is perfectly suited for a wedding of any size. The series of photos taken during the event is not simply a keepsake to go with your album. It is meant to inspire a sense of anticipation with every look. Where will the next photo lead? What interesting aspect might you see along the way? And this service is functional too, without giving up the bold artistic feature that every photo should possess. These photos are high quality, well-defined and taken with high-tech cameras where possibilities for error are none. Having a wedding event at Greentree Country Club and opting for their top-notch service is all about what a professional service can realistically accomplish with the given time, space or budget to its full potential.