Brielle River House Bridal Shower photos | Cindi + Becca

We are so excited to share with you this special surprise bridal shower for Cindi + Becca at the Brielle River House in Brielle, NJ.  Located right along the Manasquan River with views out into the Atlantic Ocean, this bright and beautiful venue was the perfect location for Cindi + Becca’s nautical-themed shower.

Surprise events are amazingly fun to capture.  All the details were creatively and meticulously planned by Cindi + Becca’s family and friends and included warm color palettes, beautiful candle and flower centerpieces and décor, as well as a hand crafted boat in place of a traditional wishing well.   It is evident how much thought and love went into the planning of this beautiful bridal shower.   Cindi + Becca were surprised and overjoyed the minute they stepped into the room.  Tons of warmth, hugs, and laughter were shared amongst everyone and it was just a joyous sight to see.

We are thrilled to have been a part of another one of your special moments and can’t wait until your wedding day!  Enjoy the photos and congratulations again!


Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-01 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-02 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-03 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-03a Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-03b Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-04 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-05 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-06 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-07 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-08 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-09 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-10 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-11 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-12 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-13 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-14 Brielle-River-house-bridal-shower-photos-15

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