Why Having Wedding Album Books Are So Important

wedding album books


In this digital age, it seems like more of us are forgoing printed photographs in favor of photo-sharing sites like Instagram, Shutterfly, or even Facebook. Well, it’s not that we’re preferring the latter—it’s not that comfortable to gather everyone around the computer or phone to show them pictures of your latest trip, and you yourself would rather flip through a tangible photo album. Everyone would enjoy a break from looking at a screen, yet we keep going back to one. It’s certainly easier than having to remember to choose and print off pictures, right?

In the long run, you want to have your memories available without having to plug in, charge up, and wait for a connection.

When it comes to your wedding album, you definitely want to have an album. After all, you’ve spent the money to invest in professional photography, and for what reason? So you can have a permanent record of the most important day of your life—at least that’s a common reason people offer as to why they’ve hired a professional wedding photographer (your reasons may vary, naturally). So why leave those digital files unprinted? Can you really find any appeal in dusting off an old iPad to bring out for reminiscing? Neither can we.

Printed tangible goods are always better than digital files.

We have no idea what the future holds as far as technology is concerned, so the very website—or the CD or the memory stick–that holds your precious memories today may become obsolete tomorrow, and then your kids, grandkids, the local historical preservation society—they’re all up the proverbial creek.

This isn’t a project you want to DIY.

While there are fine and acceptable photo printing sites available to you, unless you yourself are a professional printer or photographer, you won’t have access to the top-of-the-line companies that work directly with your vendor. Today’s wedding albums are durable and of a very high quality, printed on paper that will last a long time.  You also want the trained professionals to edit your images and design an album that corresponds a story to recap your wedding day. The craft in designing high-quality layouts and hand binding an album is something you would want your wedding photographer or a professional to handle this for you.

A wedding album is your heirloom.

Photography is an art meant to be experienced, and tangible albums allow for your wedding photography to be experienced again and again by you, your spouse, and the family you’ll create together. Once printed and bound, these pictures aren’t just images on a screen—they’re physically available for your to physically experience them and remember the day.  Cherish these moments and display your photos on a beautifully crafted wedding album books that will create smiles on your face each time you view through it.

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