How to choose a wedding photographer

Your wedding day is an exciting day. You want to be surrounded by those you love; at the very least surrounded by those you like. You will be spending much of your day with your photographer, so you might want to like him/her. Without personally knowing every photographer in your area, you will want to make the perfect decision. This can seem absolutely impossible, but do not fear! For this reason the 5 P’s for booking a perfect wedding photographer have been created.

1. Price
What is the quality of photography you are willing to pay for?
2. Priorities
What are the most important moments to capture? Wedding party shots, family shots, bride and groom shots?
3. Perspective
What kind of images are you most drawn to: dramatic and romantic or fun and casual?
4. Packages
What is covered in the price?
5. Personal Relationship
When you meet your photographer, do you have a positive connection?

Your wedding is one of the most magnificent days of your life. It is certainly one of the days you will feel the most beautiful. You will have exerted a lot of energy in making yourself beautiful, the chapel beautiful, the wedding party beautiful, and even the food beautiful. You will want to remember this day. The right wedding photographer will help you to do just that.

Before you set the allotted dollar amount for your photographer, do some research discovering the options in your area. Learn what the going rate for a photographer is and keep in mind that the photography is the most important thing. If you are not pleased with his/her portfolio, the cost doesn’t matter because you will most likely not be pleased with your wedding pictures. If you love the portfolio in front of you, chances are that you will love your wedding pictures.
The quality of the photographer will help determine your budget for your wedding pictures.

On your wedding day, what are the most important moments? Are you a part of a big family? Do you want to make sure to get some interesting group shots with everyone? Is it important to capture a moment or two with Great Grandma since she is 94 years old. Is the groom part of the military in a long family line of military tradition? How do you want the love between you to be frozen in time? Besides the bride and groom, who are the most important people? Do your rings have special significance? Do you want the first time to see each other on the wedding day to be the bridal march or at a photo session? These questions as well as many others help to define your priorities. Knowing what is important in your wedding pictures directs your decision-making.

When you look at wedding photos, what are you most drawn to? Do you like the romantic, serious poses or the carefree, whimsical pictures? Do you want your pictures to tell a story or do you want to focus on capturing all the emotions on film? Do you like edgy, unconventional shots or do you want the traditional, staged look? When you peruse different portfolios, does working with a photographer’s style excite you or scare you? Being apprehensive about a photographer is okay. You want your photographer to see your wedding through your eyes. If you don’t like the perspective you see, then it’s time to move to the next photographer on your list.

A package usually consists of 3 segments that make up the majority of the cost. The coverage hours, the engagement session, and the Wedding Album. It’s necessary to see what each photographer offers. Let’s say you have narrowed your choices to three certain photographers. One of them costs $200 more because a guestbook is included as well as digital proofs. The other two charge the same price, but one of them does not include an engagement session. If you like the photography equally, what do you want in to be included in your package?

Personal Relationship
By far, the most important factor in choosing a wedding photographer is your potential relationship. You will want a photographer who can set your mind at ease and help you to enjoy your day. On your wedding day, you will want everything to go smoothly, and if your photographer is your friend, that personal connection will make the pictures much less stressful. If you can laugh openly with your photographer, your genuine smiles will be captured. Really getting to know your photographer happens during the engagement session, but a face-to-face consultation can solidify a good connection. As you spend time with him/her, you should ask yourself a few things. First, does he seem to like us? Second, does she listen to us? Third, is he easy going and willing to use our ideas expanding from there? Fourth, is she excited for us and make us feel like we are the most important clients she’s had?

Weddings are significant, and before the wedding march begins, you will be making hundreds of decisions. One of the most crucial choices you will make is that of your wedding photographer. You choice of photographer will determine how the memories of your family, your ceremony, and the love between you will be captured.
Remembering the 5 P’s–Price, Priorities, Perspective, Packages, Personal Relationship–makes choosing a wedding photographer a pleasant experience.