Serving Long Island New York for over 35 years, the Woodbury Country Club is one of the best places to get married in the state. The scenic 18 acre estate features beautiful gardens, elegant fountains, reflecting pools, a sprawling private lake, and a stunning picture perfect gazebo. The venue is a wedding photographers dream, as the landscape really can’t be topped. The venue is large enough to accommodate 726 guests, and offers on-site catering, outside catering, rehearsal dining, and a long list of other world-class wedding amenities.


The Woodbury Country Club offers professional wedding planning from start to finish. They also offer custom designed meals prepared by a world renowned master chef. The dining experience is 5 star level, and is guaranteed to satisfy the palates of even the most demanding guests.


Due to the immense popularity of this venue, you’ll want to make sure that you reserve placement well in advance.


Woodbury Country Club Wedding Photography

Another Long Island legend for creating breathtakingly stunning wedding event presentations – both inside and outside – is the famed Woodbury Country Club. In fact, the club has hosted top wedding parties in the region for the past 35 years; while being credited with various “themed” wedding party presentations. Woodbury Country Club Wedding Photography aims to celebrate the brides and grooms who booked their wedding at this popular location. For instance, the Woodbury can do a European Sheik, or a classic Victorian wedding theme with décor to match the party’s food and drink. The weddings held at the Woodbury are also unique because of the specialty designed menus that are designed by master chefs with an eye on making this a truly memorable day for all involved.

Woodbury Country Club Photo

Woodbury Country Club wedding photos seem to enhance any size wedding. For instance, the club’s stellar dining experience seems to compliment the lush surroundings featured at this 18-acre estate in Woodbury, New York. In turn, Woodbury Country Club is credited with being stunning when viewing all the marvels at the club’s gardens, water fountains, reflecting pools, private lakes and the picturesque gazebo in the famous botanical gardens.


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