The VIP Country Club is an elegant and charming wedding venue located in New Rochelle, New York. It’s a sprawling facility that is able to comfortably accommodate up to 850 guests. It features all of the amenities that a bride and groom could ask for, including stunning waterfront views, lighted fountains, a grand piano adorned ballroom, and beautiful dining areas. The venue has the perfect blend of modern and classical styles, and is guaranteed to make all of your wedding dreams come true.


The service at the VIP Country Club is so good that it’s often considered to be a once in a lifetime experience. The cuisine and on-site catering doesn’t fall short of that standard either, with professional chefs on staff to create a dining experience fit for royalty. The staff will also work with the bride and groom to plan a seamless and beautiful ceremony and reception. The staff’s experience in wedding planning is extremely efficient, leaving the bride and groom with much needed and deserved peace of mind.


VIP Country Club Wedding Photography

The wedding party planners who want to stay close to New York City, but enjoy old New York country charm, say your next wedding has to be at the popular VIP Country Club in New Rochelle. VIP Country Club Wedding Photography aims at all those special quiet and exciting moments during a couple’s special day. In fact, the facility is located in a classily beautiful old neighborhood that adds to the subtle charm of this elegant venue for wedding events. The club features very classy banquet and party rooms, with a bar and cocktail room that are second to none when it comes to being first class and just right for a wedding event.

VIP Country Club Photo

VIP Country Club wedding photos often feature the bride and groom having lots of fun at this huge indoor and outdoor facility that is perfectly suited for any size wedding. In fact, the art of taking great wedding photos is aided when there is great food and service. For instance, the “VIP” is rated at five stars, with thousands of successful wedding parties at this first class country club where the staff is very hospitable and customer focused. The VIP Club also reflects the “feel” of this special venue in New Rochelle. In general, the wedding party members and guests who enjoyed their special day at the “VIP,” say it is indeed a VIP experience at this amazing wedding venue.



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