The charming and one of a kind Venetian Yacht Club is a well known wedding venue located in Village of Babylon, New York. The club is host to an absolutely divine array of picturesque scenery, including unforgettable ceremony backdrops, panoramic views of the surrounding South Shore bay, and a wide open and sprawling space that inspires joy and good vibes.


The main indoor facility is the Regency Suite, a large elegant space that can accommodate up to 200 guests. Adjacent to the suite is a large cocktail patio, where guests can mingle as they sip on expertly crafted mixed drinks, wine, high end beers, and champagne. The structure also has floor to ceiling windows, allowing guests to take in the same beautiful scenic views that they would see outside.


When it comes to service, the Venetian Yacht Club offers everything that you would expect from an experienced professional wedding host. These amenities include on-site centering, a rehearsal dinner, and expert ceremony and reception planning.


Venetian Yacht Club Wedding Photography

When it comes to the spectacular, the Venetian Yacht Club has it covered for your best wedding event. In fact, Venetian Yachat Club Wedding Photography takes full advantage of the powerful and dramatic views of the Great South Bay at the club’s prime Long Island location in Babylon, New York. For instance, the Venetian is synonymous with both great boating and as a perfect wedding venue at reasonable rates.

Venetian Yacht Club Photos

Imagine great Venetian Club wedding photos that feature the bride and groom dancing or enjoying their special day against the backdrop of gorgeous sunsets. Dreams really do come true for couples who book their big day at this venue that is famous for its culinary services, great customer service and truly elegant surroundings. The Venetian Yacht Club’s waterfront vistas are enjoyed from its picturesque dining and banquet rooms that feature full glass walls that allow for full viewing of the bay and Battery Gardens. The club’s catering staff is all about exceeding expectations for each and every wedding event.



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