What to discuss with your photographer before the big day



After you’ve consulted with your wedding photographer on questions to ask before booking, signed a contract, and sent in your deposit, you’re finished talking with each other until the big day, right? Think again! Not only will you need to go over the specifics of the day, but there will be a few items your wedding photographer needs to know from you in addition to anything you might want to ask him or her. Before you start thinking about ordering your wedding album, think about the following:

What your wedding photographer needs to know from you:

  1. The wedding day schedule

Go over the entire wedding day schedule, from the moment that you expect your photographer to start snapping photos until you and your new spouse head off into the sunset and-tie all the details in between.


  1. Addresses

Even if you’re certain your photographer has shot weddings at your venue before, please provide him or her with specific addresses in case they’re coming from a different direction (or in case you were mistaken about their having been to your venue before).


  1. Shot list

If there are certain shots you want, make sure you communicate this with your wedding photographer by providing an emailed and printed out list of those shots.


What you need to know from your wedding photographer:


  1. Head count

How many people will be with the photographer’s team? This is necessary information so you can plan for transportation (if necessary), include this number in the space for your venue, and consider meals.


  1. What they’ll want for dinner

Not only do you want to make sure your photographer isn’t starving and have plenty of energy at your wedding, you’ll also want to know if they have any dietary needs or food allergies. You might want to discuss when a good time for a dinner break will be, how long the break needs to be, and who will be covering your event in the meantime.


  1. Do you bring backup gear?

You want the answer to this question to be yes, and feel free to ask for specifics; after all, you want to make sure that you’ll receive the same quality photography throughout the event.


  1. What happens if it rains?

This question is best directed to your venue site, particularly if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, but it’s still a worthy question for your photographer, especially if he or she relies on natural light for their photography.


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