6 Best Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding


Whether you’re a DIY-er all the way or whether you prefer to delegate duties, or whether your parents are springing for your reception or you and your honey are footing the bill, everyone can stand to save a few bucks on your wedding. Here are some of the best ways we know of to help you save money on your wedding without sacrificing fun, special elements of your big day.


1. Prioritize and spend accordingly
Sit down with your fiancé and discuss what it is you want most out of your wedding (other than making your relationship legally and permanently official, of course) and prioritize your budget from that point forward. For some, having a specific band or particular photographer is of the utmost important; for others, wearing a certain designer gown makes the price worth it. Allocating funds early on for those items forces you to save money in other places that may be necessities but not those of utmost importance.

2. Give packaged deals a critical evaluation
Some packaged deals are totally worth the cost, like having your ceremony and reception at the same location saves money on flowers, decorations, transportation, and any vendors who charge by the hour. Other venues may packages that include your cake, deejay, photographer, and tent rental, but do your research before committing to that package—it might be more cost-effective to book those vendors a la carte if possible.

3. Think seasonally

If you have your heart set on a bouquet of daffodils but are planning an October wedding, you will find that those flowers are going to cost double the amount in the fall than in the springtime. The same goes with food–a butternut squash bisque is a perfect starter course for cooler months but will cost more out of season. Keep the seasons in mind regarding your wedding date. The off-season runs from November 1—March 31—and you will not only have an easier time landing your desired vendors and venues, but you’ll likely receive better quotes for rates than you would during the high wedding season.

4. Watch the booze.

Cash bars are tacky—we’re willing to bet that your guests would rather drink free wine and beer than have to pay out of pocket for a mixed drink or a shot at your wedding—and open bars are expensive! Limit the choices to wine and beer with maybe your favorite cocktail thrown in for variety. You could also opt to skip the champagne toast, or eliminate alcohol entire save for that champagne toast. Whatever you choose, booze is a big budget breaker, but there are ways you can save on it.

5. Put rewards points to use
If you already have rewards points collected via hotel memberships or frequent flier miles, use them for your honeymoon or your wedding night. If you don’t have many points collected, you can always pay for all wedding items with a credit card (that you intend to pay down after the honeymoon, of course) and rack up rewards points to use for later, which is better than shelling out the big bucks without the bonus rewards points!

6. DIY when you can
Not all DIY requires hot glue guns or drill bits. Consider your strengths and what you enjoy and see what wedding-related tasks line up (can you make floral arrangements? Your own favors? A special tablecloth for the cake table?) You can also PIY (Print It Yourself). Professional printing looks great, but printing your invitations, place cards, or ceremony programs at home will look great, too, and will save you hundreds of dollars.
Let us know if any of these ideas inspire you, and share with us any other handy money-saving tips you have come across. Spend wisely and happy planning.


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